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Just migrated my account from (yay, much bigger character limit! 😀 ).
I was able to migrate some of my account data. Unfortunately my previous posts were left there and I don't know any way to take them with me :/ I would continue my fedi spam (and shameless encryption propaganda) here 😁

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Sad illustration...
I had first vision for this after reading some chapters of "Permanent Record".

Inspired by DALL-E pictures I saw here some time ago. These was created for name "Fox deity" :blobfox:

After 3 years of being my own CA I finally don't have to... Strange feeling - so now everything would JUST WORK?! Simply, without any extra steps, or looking for, or trying to learn these extra steps? It's almost like withdrawal syndrome. Weird :blobcatthinkOwO:

It was interesting experience from educational point of view. I learnt a lot about TLS, many things I could only get to know this way. Sometimes it was scary... But satisfying at the same time. With time, I got to know about things that could go wrong. It often felt like trying to control something much bigger than me.
No harm was done to myself or those other people who have/had my root public key. Sometimes I wondered how the hell nothing wrong happened...
It was like extreme version of "testing on production".

Because of everything I learnt I don't regret this.

Flying Squirrel - concept.... inspired by too big clothes which looked like wings when I wore them :blobcat_amused:

from game...

"They like to purr and pretend to be harmless, but getting close is highly discouraged, as their fur is of a strong electric charge and harmful on direct contact."


Spooky - based on photo my sister took some time ago. Crows behaved strange that time, it seemed like they wanted to attack people. This one let my sister stand very close to took this photo.

Another inspiration from my parents' metal candleholder figurine. Young , pose copied from original, colours mine.

Another I saw thanks to geocaching and long walks...
Frst one... I am not sure what the author thought :blobcatbatupsidedown:
Pears and apples on the wall....?
And cute ...

with - inspired by metal figurine in my parent's house (it is maybe candleholder or something similar). Original one is only dark metal/brass colour, colours here are from my own vision, I kept original pose.

Big near my current house. It's really close, but I think I wouldn't find it soon if I wasn't going to geocaching in my district area.

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