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Sad illustration...
I had first vision for this after reading some chapters of "Permanent Record".

Young - inspired by picture on my mother's souvenir postcard. Original picture was very small :/

It's called the Metaverse because it has mostly been Met with Averse reactions

Clay thing (candleholder? ashtray?) I found some time ago in decaying, abandoned house in the forest. Currently I use this as a temporary storage for small things.

Level of pain: Too Old Firmware


Tried to create ed25519 on my ... thought I could use this to access my server and to use age...
But no, I cannot, because I have version from 2019 :/ Without firmware update possibility.

I saw when I visited my grandma. Later he played with me and left lots of his hair on my trousers :blobCat_anxious_sweat:

Yesterday at the Hackerspace, @madargon printed a cute little box with fancy art on the lid. The one she printed out there was nice in gray, but I decided to see how it would look when printed with a color change for the last few layers. The preview looked nice enough, so here it is

Uhm, I know I ALWAYS had low body most of time... Just measured right now because of random curiosity. 34.3°C - still not lowest I ever have had.
(I feel normal so I don't worry about it and I don't have any hormonal disorder diagnosed)
Earlier this year I discovered I have mild allergy (most of my life I avoided garlic so didn't realized earlier).
So why the hell I have these nonsense traits instead of e.g. superhuman strength or speed?!

Celestial - inspired by DALL-E image generated by @ar (rigth picture; text: only the fox god knows)

So using bare IP for my web serwer and Something-Pretending-To-Be-A-Website is not enough hipster to me... Now all my services work also via bare IPv6 address :blobcat_nwn:

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